Desktop Task Timer

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Tracking your time shouldn't take any time at all. Desktop Task Timer


Desktop Task Timer is one of the top business apps in the Mac App Store because it is a streamlined and efficient time logging system. Use it to keep track of your billable hours or just for personal projects. It is extremely user-friendly, yet flexible enough to handle a wide variety of business needs.




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Desktop Task Timer LE Desktop Task Timer
Desktop Task Timer LE Desktop Task Timer
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Key Features:

  • Just enter a task and hit start - it's that simple.
  • View and edit your tasks for any date or date range
  • Switch active tasks with a single click
  • Drag-and-drop to rearrange tasks
  • Several output time formats and rounding options to suit your business need
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Manage your tasks from the desktop status bar
  • Provides a rounded hourly output to save you the hassle of manual calculations
  • Tell at a glance at the status bar what your active project is and whether the timer is running
  • Store and load a template of frequently used tasks

Key Features - everthing in LE, plus:

  • Export your tasks to .csv, which can be opened with almost any spreadsheet program
  • Assign tasks to Groups, which allow you to filter and calculate subtotals
  • Effortless sync of multiple devices using any shared folder
  • Automatically calculate hourly earnings by assigning rate to a group, or to an individual task
  • Add detailed notes to any task, which can be included in the export results
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